USS⌂PANEL® is an innovative anti-seismic, hurricane & tornado resistant, termite, other bugs & rodent free, mold & mildew free, fire resistant, noise free and insulating building system. Our walls can be used for load bearing, curtain or in-fill and internal walls, it is possible to erect structures up to 10 floors to say the least. Our intent is to erect any building typology or architectural design, ranging from the simplest to the most complex. USS⌂PANEL® has a complete range of building elements: load bearing walls, floors, roofing, stairs, partition and curtain walls. Any building construction can be totally completed with our system, allowing for the optimization of the supply phases, time-lines and worker benefits. The originality and the proprietary nature of the USS⌂PANEL® system, as well as its continuous development and updating, has been supported throughout the past 50 years by a series of patents. USS⌂PANEL® is a registered and patented trademark. Instead of a “Safe Room” we pride ourselves into saying you can construct a SAFE HOUSE or BUILDING

Single Panel

This component consists of a panel of polystyrene (EPS) sandwiched between two sheets of welded wire mesh 4’x 8’ or 4’x10’ standard sizes or the sizes that is needed according to the plans supplied. The polystyrene panel can be shaped as required and the thickness can vary according to the thicknesses and R-Value needs. The Single Panel can be used for the construction of single and multistory buildings according to the local building regulations. Most of our panel supplies have cut-to-size panels, for different wall heights whether a home or a building.

Double Panel

This panel consists of two single panels joined together with an intermediate cavity. The thickness of the polystyrene and the width of the cavity can be varied according to the performance required. The external faces of the panel are usually finished in cement/plaster.

It is limited to its uses as you cannot go higher than 8’ to fill in with cement, just like ICF it can belly-out if not used the right way. If a double panel construction is necessary, we can also provide as we carry ICF product, that is more manageable in its uses for a heavy wall construction for blast -proof buildings, whether a higher wall, infill or in the construction of pools are needed.

Floor/Roof Panel

This panel is used for the construction of floors and roofs. The thickness and geometry of the panel can be varied according to the span, project and Engineering requirements. The placement of the reinforcement steel and the concrete pour can be added totally on site once the floors or roofs are framed.


Who are the customers?

Governments Authorities
Interested Public

Day Laborers
City Housing
General Public


Benefits of using the Panels

Structural integrity
Fire, pest resistance, etc
Eco credentials
Flexibility in application
Ease of Use
Cost effectiveness