Your new “standard choice”
for constructing any

Today’s situation

Conventional wisdom says that you cannot construct a building – whether it’s a house, school, commercial facility, hospital etc. – that achieves all of these:
   - Costs less than “normal”
   - Can be constructed quickly
   - Has low maintenance cost
   - Is energy efficient and saves money and is environmentely friendly and offers great sound-proofing.
   - Can withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, insects, mold and mildew
With solutions from USS Panel you can achieve all this – without compromising on any element

The USS Panel solution

The USS Panel solution consists of
  - Affordable, eco-friendly, disaster proof building materials and construction method for sustainable living Specifically, it is
  - A fire-resistant Polystyrene Slab for thermal insulation in the middle
  - A galvanized steel cage on the outside to reinforce the sandwich panel
  - A layer of concrete on each side for structural resistance
  - Commonly referred to as “Structural Concrete Insulated Panels” (SCIP)

Constructing with USS Panel system

Walls are lifted into place
Grooves are made for installations
Structural mortar is sprayed

Can be used for buildings up to 20 stories high

Final result

The final building is a continuous monolithic reinforced structure, i.e.
walls, floors, and roofs are all structurally connected
The construction method and materials ensure strength and full integrity