About us

We provide a quality construction system that promotes Green architecture, while creating structures that can withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, tornado force winds, flood and fire, offering safe residences and structures to the general public at a reasonable cost. The company is seeking to properly introduce and educate the construction industry about this product for use in the North American market. So that constructors, developers, engineers, subcontractors, and framers can make use of this manufactured product, labeled USS⌂PANEL™.


To be the foremost distributor of this Green, disaster proof, sustainable, and efficient construction system in the United States, Canada & U.S. territories. To maintain our leadership position in the AMERICAN CONSTRUCTION industry with superior technical innovation, and customer service. These products have a proven record internationally spanning over 50 years and have been utilized in over 25.5 million construction projects (both residential and commercial), with 5 million low income homes built worldwide, to date.